Flower Pot People are the contemporary American cousins of ancient Faeiries, Nymphs, Dryads, and a long lineage of little people described in history, legend, and science. During the day, the Flower Pot People reside quietly and invisibly inside these sculptures—likenesses of their actual forms. During the darkness of night they emerge as wispy, startlingly handsome, and human-like creatures. Flower Pot People™ are industrious, clever, unusually kind, and passionately protective of plants and the natural world. Most are vegetarians, although an emerging minority of Flower Pot carnivores has cultivated a growing interest in bug consumption and is developing an impressive new cuisine.

Flower Pot People revere education, especially science and the arts. They are greatly fond of music, and most are avid readers and eager patrons of the arts, film, theater, dance, and concerts. While sometimes mischievous and quite naughty, they seldom engage in wars or organized group hostilities. Sculptures and stories by Peter Owens.

Blue Belle Divine

Blue Belle Divine is an artist who most loves painting landscapes in oils populated by tiny nudes hiding among trees and shrubs. Her work has been admired in human art circles and sought for display by the American Museum of Folk Art, but Bluer Belle rejects this adulation and finds the human art world ridiculously vain.

“I paint first for my own enjoyment and satisfaction and second for my audience of Flower Pot People who find my work engrossing,” Belle told the American Art Review. Belle owns her own gallery where she displays the work of Flower Pot People from around the world.

Here she works on one of her landscapes that will surely cause another sensation in the Flower Pot art world.

Crabapple Carver

Crabapple Carver is a furniture maker who started his career 87 years ago making tables, chairs, beds, and assorted useful items known for their sturdy simplicity and fine woods. Over the years Crabby started adding goofy amplifications—chairs with fifth legs, beds hung from pulleys, tables with drainage basins, chopping blocks with knives built in. Here he works on a Flower Pot Table. Crabby is 107 years old and has had six wives; three died of old age, two ran off with younger fellows, and his current wife Clover who just celebrated her forty-third birthday.

Julie Morning Glory

Julia Morning Glory is a teacher who loves to teach Romeo and Juliet. This year she decided she would read the whole play. Soon after she began, her class fell stone silent, not a fidget or a wiggle. A janitor dropped his mop in the hall and peeked in the door. Soon the cafeteria staff pushed into the back of the room, then the principal stood tippy-toe to see over the crowd and rushed away to turn on the school intercom. Students and teachers rushed from all over the school, pushing silently into her class, and the weeping began, Julie swooned, a great roar shook the building, applause cascaded out the door into the streets, and Flower Pot People everywhere cheered the teacher and her children. (sold)

Honeysuckle Leaf

Honeysuckle Leaf, the teen sister of Sugarmaple, is a fabulous athlete who plays soccer and basketball with startling skill. She is a star, to put it simply, and she much enjoys beating Snarky Crabgrass with her superior speed, quickness, and coordination. Honey loves three-way cellphone conversations between herself, her sister Sugar, and poor Snarky who loves them both. She also enjoys playing

the piano, with Snarky accompanying on the violin, as Sugar practices her ballet moves. Sometimes, when they are finished playing music, they all sit around in the same flower pot talking to each other on their cellphones.

Sugarmaple Leaf

Sugarmaple Leaf, Honey's teen sister, loves chatting on her cellphone almost as much as she loves to dance. Often Sugar does both at the same time. Sugar is such an avid chatterer that she is often observed talking to her sister, Honeysuckle, by cellphone while they are both in the same flower pot. They have much to discuss because each has a crush on Snarky Crabgrass, and Snarky is deeply torn in his affections for the lovely Leaf sisters.

The Leaf sisters are happy to share Snarky and are almost never jealous of each other. But they do make Snarky jump to their whims, and each demands so much of his time, Snarky is always incredibly busy. Such deep devotion is actually quite common among Flower Pot People.

Snarky Crabgrass

Snarky Crabgrass is a teenage boy with a crush on the Leaf sisters and a talent for the violin. Although tall, lanky, and quite strong, he's a clumsy athlete, a happy accident because when he plays soccer and basketball with Honey, he never has to say he's "letting her win." Snarky has a bunch of very sappy tattoos expressing

his love for his girlfriends with flowers and hearts. But he is often sad because he knows that he can't go on forever being in love with both Leaf sisters. (each sold)

Clayton Loamy

Clayton Loamy is a fiery environmental lawyer noted for his passionate oratory and unflagging defense of the natural world against the abuses and depredations of human beings. Loamy recently appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court in the celebrated case, Leavie v. U.S.

He argued that political patronage appointments at the E.P.A., Interior, and Agricultural Departments were illegal because appointees were "chosen to undermine and even destroy said agencies in direct violation of their legislative intent and plain sense purposes. If the U.S. government wants to destroy the environment," Loamy argued on behalf of his client Laural Leavie, "it must create an agency with that clear and stated goal in its title and mission. Politicians may wish to fool the public, but they may not fool the U.S. Constitution."

Laurel Leavie, a celebrated librarian and fierce guardian of plain sense language, was overjoyed when Loamy prevailed on her behalf. (sold)

Purple Loosestrife

Purple Loosestrife is an eccentrically handsome, bossy, impish, rude, loquacious, moody, and sometimes charming pest who spends much of him time annoying everyone with his invasive opinions and constant chatter. To Flower Pot purists, he is an invasive species who ought to be pulled up by his roots and thrown in the compost pile. But when Purple is in full bloom, he's a sight to be seen, and on his good days he's very funny.

Because is he sometimes humiliated by his heritage, Purple receives counseling from Wisteria deRoote (below), and he decided last year to have a vasectomy so that he could not spread his seeds. This cheered him considerably, and now he devotes much time trying to persuade other invasives to follow his lead.

Wisteria deRoote

Wisteria deRoote is a world famous psychiatrist and clinical psychologist who earned her M.D. from Johns Hopkins University and her Ph.D from Harvard. She gained prominence when she presented a paper at the American Psychological Association U.S. Annual Conference documenting the startling benefits of bare-footed talk therapy wherein both therapist and client converse with their bare feet mutually exposed. Initially derided, her revolutionary theory took root and evolved into a widely recognized technique of therapeutic discourse practiced the world over. She loves lounging on her therapeutic couch, a sensuous envelopment of grand tree branches, where she contemplates her own splendidly warm mental health. (sold)

Stoney Waller

Stoney Waller is a Welch stone wall builder of uncommon skill and physical strength. He is an admitted illegal immigrant who smuggled himself into American inside a carry-on bag toted by famed British fantasy writer, Graham Joyce.

Stoney thus joined a long tradition of determined stowaways from Wales who came to America because the Flower Pot People here are much friendlier and less tempestuous than clans in the UK.

Stoney builds magnificent walls, and in his spare time is building a massive stone monolith on Cape Cod dedicated to marking sea level rise during global warming.


Ned Hayseed

Ned Hayseed is the Editor-in-Chief of the Flower Pot People's Voice, the largest daily newspaper in North America.

Staffers at The Voice are fond of pointing out that "Ned is no hayseed" when it comes to courage, insight, integrity, truth, fairness and balance. Ned is unflappable in the face of controversy and cannot be cowed by powerful government brutes or millionaire thugs of any stripe.

Like his predecessor Eddie Pulp, Ned is unflappably calm and loves nothing more than lounging under a tree reading the paper. Ned doesn't look like a warrior, but he is a force so palpable that tree leaves quiver with gratitude in his presence.

Vanessa Butterfly and Wendall Persimmon

Vanessa Butterfly and Wendall Persimmon are the two best ballroom dancers among all U.S. Flower Pot People. Vanessa is known for her wondrous leaps and graceful twirls, while Wendall is famed for his signature gazelle-like strides that sweep Vanessa with spellbinding grace across grand stages.

Though not a large or especially muscular person, Wendall is admired for his powerful lifts. At last year's world championships, Wendall thrust Vanessa into the air with a one-handed palm-press and swooped her across the stage employing a swift seven-step gazelle rush that caused the audience to explode with joy and deafening applause. Vanessa dismounted with a triple twirl so feathery and pure that the crazed audience then collapsed in a collective swoon never before seen in public performances. (sold)

Honey Sweetbreath

Honey Sweetbreath is a bee whisperer whose legions of loyal bee colonies have populated North America with glorious landscapes of wild flowers, forests, gardens, and astonishing fecundity.

Honey's sweet breath has a similar effect as smoke, used for centuries by beekeepers to pacify bees, but her breath fosters a remarkable, seductive loyalty and good will never imagined by entomologists. Honey says she speaks to bees, and they follow her. She guides them to safety, she helps them find fruitful homesteads, she takes their swarms to veterinarians to cure them of diseases, she leads them to meadows of flowers in sweet bloom. (Shown here whispering to the hive inside a dead tree trunk). (sold)

Laurie Phalaenopsis

Laurie Phalaenopsis is the Poet Laureate of the Flower Pot People and a recent winner of the Penultimate Petal Prize for Pot People Poetry.

Phala loves reading poetry to all her many friends, and she sometimes sings the words with her soothing wisp of a voice. Here she reads from her own new poem:

At midnight I kissed a spider fully on the lips.
He threw off his hairy coat and make-believe legs.
My Dear, he smiled, and my knees did tremble,
I am the Earl of Caress, the Prince of Love,
Shall we sip nectar and pollinate the world?

Fuschia Doolittle with Dogwood

Fuschia Doolittle and her canine pal Dogwood own and run Sniffers B&B, a combination Flower Pot Person and dog rooming house on Cape Cod. Flower Pot Dogs are exceptionally smart animals thought by scientists to be nearly on an intellectual par with human beings.

Dogwood, himself, is especially gifted, and unlike humans, Dogwood is always in a good mood, never whines, and never complains about the weather or the food. Fuschia, a canine brain expert, attributes Flower Pot Dog intelligence to exceptionally high levels of serotonin and dopamine in FP canine brains. “We have a great time at Sniffers,” says Fushcia, “as do our guests.”

Orchid Sky

Orchid Sky is a plant psychologist who does her best work coaxing shy orchids to bloom. She grew up in a family of boisterous Phalaenopsis fanatics, and developed a theory that orchids required gentle prodding and a special sweetness.

Her father, on the other hand, said that orchids bloom best when they think they will soon die. His food deprivation theory was highly controversial and later sharply challenged by Orchid who earned two doctorates, one in plant physiology and the other in clinical psychology. Despite their differences, Orchid and her Dad get along famously. (available)


Valerie Twigg

Valerie Twigg is an orthopedic plant surgeon who loves to relax in her garden and gaze up at the leaves and sky. Valerie is unusually young for a board-certified botanical surgeon because she is unusually smart.

She graduated from college at 19 and earned her M.D. at Tufts University in Boston. She is an exceptional gardener who creates all sorts of lovely exotic plants by grafting branches to her favorite plants and trees.

Sylvia Daylily

Sylvia Daylily is a movie star best known for her films portraying flower pot women of quiet intensity, subtle passion, and delightful spontaneity. “She is a brilliant, utterly disarming treat,” says the FP People’s Voice, “an actress of disarming power.” In person she is “warm, intelligent, eccentric, and funny,” the paper’s critic wrote. She once appeared at the Academy Awards dressed only in a gown of white rose petals, and this caused a great sensation and much twittering among the Flower Pot People™. She admits to being something of a flirt, delighting her fond audience all the more. (sold)

Eddie Pulp

Eddie Pulp is the former editor of the Flower Pot People’s™ Voice and enjoys nothing more than sitting under a canopy of leaves and reading the day’s newspaper. Before retiring Eddie earned a reputation as a tireless investigative reporter and later editor who exposed the pesticide and fertilizer industries for their dubious practices and troublesome greed. Eddie was so effective that his opponents referred to him as “Organic Eddie,” but a new, massive shift toward organic farming is sweeping Earthenware World. Eddie simply winks and devours the day’s latest news. (sold)

Bella Fiore and Danny Muschio

Bella Fiore and Danny Muschio came to America from the Italian Regno Di Vaso di Firori where severe drought was a constant affliction. They love gazing at the moon, especially luna piena, the full moon.

Together they run a restaurant, Fiori Della Vita, flower of life, that specializes in Italian vegetarian cuisine that is out of this world yummy. Bella and Danny are deeply in love and are often seen smooching in the kitchen, much to the delight of their dining public.(sold)

Woody Barkett

Woody Barkett is a certified pest control agent who has written five books about the connections between bugs, Flower Pot People, plant health, nutrition, and cuisine. Woody is an Earthenware World leader among an important minority of Flower Pot People™: the carnivores.
Woody leads a growing but still modest number of Earthenware citizens who love to eat bugs. He has written about how to cook bugs and add them to favorite recipes. But he is most famous for his disputed theory that bugs are most often good for plants and serve a crucial pruning function that fosters growth and plant strength.

Laurel Leavie

Laurel Leavie is the Flower Pot Library’s chief librarian. She is a speed reader and has been known to devour more than thirty books a day. Laural is a detail person—smart, outspoken, persuasive, and disarmingly charming.

This lethal combination has allowed her to gather the most impressive collection of botanical books in the Earthenware World. She has used the Internet to persuade people around the world to donate money so that she could build grand structures and leafy wonderlands to house not only collections of books but vast arrays of computers and exhibit areas.(sold)

Frannie Grassly

Frannie Grassly is the chairperson of the Earthenware Botanical Garden. Frannie is a widow whose husband Grimsely died of DDT pesticide poisoning. She sued the manufacturers and was awarded $27 million in damages. She used this money to build the most fabulous arboretum and botanical wonderland the world has ever seen.
Frannie is a talented musician and frequently sponsors concerts at the botanical garden’s grand outdoor concert shell. She attracts talented musicians and singers from around the world and is often invited to perform solos, delighting huge crowds of Flower Pot People™ with her soft, soothing voice, pleasing as an evening breeze. (sold)



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